This might be asked a lot but will you continue feed the world 2, last time I checked you reached episode 3 but then you stopped. I ask this because I really love this series :)

There was a lot of difficulty this past week, the server had big problems that meant we couldn’t use it to record for over a week, and I had to go to eurogamer, but it’s back from Friday onwards! it’s going to become a lot more story orientated because I think people have seen enough mod spotlight style tutorial stuff, and I honestly have more fun when I’m telling a story instead of playing modpack minecraft for progressions sake

This is a random question but it does say "ask me anything" so... I recently got a new tortoise and can't think of a name for him, it'd mean a lot if you could give me an idea or two?

Bebop and Rocksteady are fine names

If you could fly, be Elsa, be Rapunzel, be the richest man or be the most loved man ever, what would you be?

I already feel like I am one of those

Hey Sjin just wondering if you are a Farscape fan. Asking because John Triton always reminds me of John Crichton.

Awww yissss

Why is everyone saying your Star Destroyer looks like a toilet... Have they clearly not seen Star Trek!?!?!!

Clearly not

Sjin I saw one of the asks you answer and yes the throne of justice does look like a toilet bowl

*Star destroyer

I'm sorry I have to tell you this built a toilet bowl. *wipes tear from eye*

it’s a star destroyer!

Hey Sjin, how're things going with Sips? Haven't seen much of the bromance lately... Well, then again, I haven't been keeping up... Just wondering when there will be another Sjips moment for me to fangirl over!

We only really do cheat police together at the moment so you should check that out!

Is it just me or does the throne in cheat police look like a toilet bowl?

Just you, it looks nothing like a toilet!

I know you love building farms but I haven't seen you build a windmill yet :3

I built one here, but holy crapola my voice sounded different back then.