This may be too personal but... How do you deal with being teased? I notice in a few of the videos, you're the one to get picked on (all in good fun I'm sure) and I was wondering if it ever got to you? How do you deal with it if it does?

I don’t mind being teased, I actively encourage it by saying stupid things, it’s a kind of comedy I don’t mind cultivating and I feel safe and able to do that around my friends.

There’s a difference between that and bullying though, making fun of somebody else to make yourself look clever, cool or funny should never be rewarded or celebrated.

Hey Sjin! What Sjindie game are you planning to play first and when will it be released? I loved Sjindie games and can't wait for the return ❤️

Train Fever went up last night! They should be out every Wednesday and Monday

Do you think you will come back to let's build erabor soon - oh and hi sjin lol

I’m going to return to the kingdom map (where all of those areas are) and try to weave them together into a more cohesive world, so yeah I think I’ll add some more rooms and functionality to Erebor when I do

I'm not sure if this has been asked before, but will there be anymore Facing Worlds type PvP maps anytime soon?

Yeah! battleships is another example of a modpack pvp map, I was tweaking the systems yesterday and I think I’m almost at a place I’m happy with for playtesting!

It shouldn’t take as long to come around as Facing Worlds though!

Hey Sjin! Not to be a pain but what ever happened too Sjin's fun friendly building challenge? It just randomly stopped :p

I used to do it to have a Yogscast presence on Polaris, but we put Yogsclash on there now!

Quick thing I'm a roleplayer and I'm curious...what system is the new Yogquest? My friends would love that system

I think we loosely used the Pathfinder rules but they’re heavily modified to work for the campaign we had planned

Is there a new series with sips coming soon?

Yep! it should be around on his channel in a couple of weeks I think


Saved this farmer off the floor in some store. Turned him into Sjin with some paint. I’d say today was a success.

Sjin do you intend to do any more sjindie later on.

Yep! my plan currently is to post them on monday and wednesday, with feed the world 2 on fridays and sjins farm/magic police alternating daily!

Hi Sjin! Just wondering, how often do you plan to uploaded new episodes of Feed the World 2?

Once every week to start with! we’ll see if that increases once things get going