Sjin's Frozen Fortress
Sjin please stop keeping your phone on during recording it makes everyone cry

Sorry, I can never miss a text from Sips

Love > Youtube

Is there anything you can tell us about this new "series with Lewis" you talked about? Even a date?


Do you think Czar Nicholas II looks like you or is it just me.

it’s just you he looks like

Its my friends birthday today, his name is Naoise and he is a big fan! Is it too much to ask for you to wish him happy birthday?

Happy Birthday!

Please can you upload another episode of sjintech space rescue soon. I'm really loving the series. (I don't mean to come off as rude so sorry if it seems that way) :)

it’s kinda melding into a new series… with Lewis!

Did you actually use Tom the Horse for the Trials Fusion Challenge, or did you actually find another one to do this with?

I actually switched it for Turps’ horse! Tom is alive and kicking and hanging out with Sven on my shelf!

Did Hannah do your makeup? Because you look very fabulous :P

Actually it was Kim! Big thanks to her for that! 

so I heard you liek teh msgikarpz?

ttly do yaeh fevourite pkemons evar nxt 2 geodude ofc

Do you like my name? :)

yes, I love it, I love 30 pound fish

Could you possibly do a monthly blog type thing? Sort of like what Kim is doing

yeah, I think it’s a good way to keep people informed with what I’m doing on the channel!